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Jaya Spa

Jaya Spa is proud to offer a wide range of luxurious treatments which can be personalised to target your skin's special needs. Peruse the spa menu below and contact us in order to book your treatment in advance for an even more relaxing experience.


US$ 125 / couples - 180 minutes

Exclusively designed for couples, this treatment enhances the harmony of body and mind. We begin with lemon grass & sea salts added to warm water for your foot bath, and then relax with our "Puri Sense" body massage. Next is a body scrub using natural ingredients, your choice of green tea, carrot or cucumber. A paste made of cucumber, red sweet potatoes and corn is then applied and the body is wrapped for rejuvenation as you relax our therapist massage the scalp. Following a brief rinse off shower, you will relax in a warm Balinese herbal bath topped with flower petals and concluding the treatment with a Lovina Face Cleansing.


US$ 73 / person - 150 minutes

The Royal Balinese Palace heritage applied in this treatment creates the pampering treatment that you imagine. Our therapist gives a "Lovina Sense" body massage to improve blood circulation and release tension. Lovina herbal pouches filled with cucumber, lemon grass and coriander are then used to apply the natural body scrub by using traditional techniques to balance mind, body and soul.
Session: "Gehwol" refreshing foot bath, Lovina Sense Body massage, Lovina herbal pouches, choice of natural body scrubs suiting your type of skin, herbal milk bath with flower petal and "Gehwol" foot care.


US$ 63 / person - 90 minutes

This is a perfect treatment for calming the burning sensation after sunbathing. Our after sun treatment will calm, soothe and heal your skin and help you to get a healthy tan and youthful glow. We begin with a foot bath using warm water mixed with lemon grass and sea salt. The body is then wrapped in a mixture of Cananga (Balinese flower) & Aloe Vera, after is a relaxing Balinese herbal bath with scalp and hair treatment.


US$ 60 / person - 90 minutes

Warm stone treatment using traditional technique of accupresure massage using home blends oil. Experience the burning fat flow over the skin and feel sensation of releasing stress after the treatment.
Session: relaxing flower foot bath, body massage using massage oil, warm stone. Herbal tea with honey after the treatment enperfect the result.


US$ 60 / person - 90 minutes

This treatment is especially designed to stimulate body warmth, soothe, and relieve fatigued and aching nerves, joints and Balinese “Boreh” (mask) made of rice powder, herbs, spices, roots and barks is a traditional village remedy originally used by rice farmers in Bali. This treatment will be started with 15 minutes relaxation in the steam room, followed by boreh body wrap and finally a body massage, where you will experience a combination of deep acupressure techniques applied by gifted hands guaranteeing a deep muscles relaxation, enhance with aromatherapy oils to relax the mind and balance the body. A cup of ginger tea will complete the treatment and will be an unforgettable one.


US$ 46 / person - 60 minutes

This is the ultimate deep conditioning treatment for damaged and dry hair. Using L'OREAL HAIR SPA NOURISHING CREAMBATH with supplement for the scalp, we liberally apply section by section before massaging. The treatment includes a stress-relieving head and neck massage to stimulate the scalp, soothe sore shoulders, soften locks, strengthen follicles and furnish an extra shine.


US$ 39 / person - 60 minutes

A sensitive and powerful massage from Lovina which release tension, realigns your sense, and calms you down.


US$ 39 / person - 60 minutes

A Lovina village secret recipe with blends essential oil extracts from flowers, especially prepared to relax and soothe our senses.


US$ 35 / person - 60 minutes

This signature facial treatment provides deep cleansing of all skin types. A purifying scrub and a soothing mask revitalize your skin. The treatment works on the face, neck, hands as well as the shoulder and feet.


IDR 275.000 - 60 minutes

A hair treatment followed by a Balinese scalp massage with our Aloe Vera - Avocado conditioning cream, prepared to suite your hair type which will conditioned and rejuvenate (with ozon steam) your hair.


IDR 275.000 - 60 minutes

Foot nail and cuticle treatment followed by foot massage using “Gehwol Foot Care” plus nail polish or nail art.


IDR 250.000 - 60 minutes

Hand nail and cuticle treatment followed by hand massage plus nail polish or nail art.


IDR 225.000 - 45 minutes

A combination of ancient Indonesia and Chinese Acupressure technique to relax your feet and improve blood circulation. Using traditional oil to relax your muscle and strengthen you foot muscles.


IDR 175.000 - 45 minutes


Our normal operating hours are from 11:00 to 21:00, with the last treatment starting at 20:00.
All Prices include 21% tax and service